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Remember last channel not working


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I've recently updated our mumble server to 1.2.4 and have noticed that people are sometimes not being returned to the last channel the were in when they log back in.

I've confirmed with someone having this issue that there is a last channel recorded in the db and it corresponds to the room they logged out in and they have the access rights to be in there but when they log back in they are just put in the server root.

The rememberchannel setting is not in my ini file and there are no errors showing in the log.

Any thoughts on where to look ?

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Are you sure they lo in to *that* account you checked for?


Yep ... Person in question was actually doing testing for the problem ... Originally he was being placed in the last channel as he expected but after a few tries it stopped and just placed him back in the root when he logged in though there is a value stored in the mumble db on the server.

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