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Mumble missing opus.dll, windows 8


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My new pc has windows 8. Today I installed mumble, only to recieve several errors.

Issue 1. When I first tried to run it, I got a cerfiticate verification/password error. I temporarily fixed this my changiny my user name but when I reboot mumble (with effort, see issue 2.) I get the same problem. Creating a new certificate does not work.

Issue 2. When I try to run mumble, I get a 'missing opus.dll' error. But when I check my program file folder of mumble, that exact file is in there. Deinstalling and reinstalling mumble works, but when I close it down and try to run it again, the same issue happens.

I tried the live Mumble support chat, but the guy there has not heard of the issue and suggested I post it on the forum here.

I hope this issue can be fixed shortly, or I will be forces to change my voice comm provider.



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I guess the first issue you mentioned does not happen on merely launching Mumble?

Please be elaborate on what steps you execute.

From what you wrote I guess it is a/the login error. So chaning your username to a name that is not registered on the server should allow you to connect.

Do you run software that may block access to dlls, like some anti virus or similiar?

I never heard of the opus ddl being blocked though.

As you mentioned, the mumbles installation folder is where the opus.dll is supposed to be.

If Mumble runs even without it you should still be able to use it without problems. The Opus codec is only used when all clients support it.

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