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Users can't hear anything until they transmit


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I'm having an unusual problem with a mumble server I recently bought (hosted by Pure-Voice). When joining the server, users are unable to hear anything* (except text-to-speech) until they transmit something. This is causing issues for my users, as many of them join the channel without having access to a mic. We've discovered a couple workarounds:

- Setting-up a push-to-talk and pressing it even without a mic sorts the problem out.

- Setting transmission to 'continuous' without having a mic sorts the problem out.

We really want a permanent fix to this though. Does anyone know anything about this problem?

- Truronian

*If they enter the channel as someone else is transmitting then the aforementioned will hear a split second of audio before 'going deaf' until they transmit.

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Also, have this problem, and wanted to add my doings. I want to connect to mumble as strictly a no mic/input client that just listens in on the server.

The problem is, you can't hear anybody connected to the Mumble server no matter what settings you try until you hit push-to-talk. Unfortunately, if you don't have a mic connected to the red mic port on you're computer, push-to-talk won't work. The second you hit push-to-talk though, you enable audio, at least that's what I remember.

Maybe the original intention is, there would always be a 2-way communication so if you don't have a mic plugged in, it would turn off sound as a way to tell you "Hey Dummy your mics not connected, and here's our way of telling you it by disabling all sound"

My workaround:

-Connect anything to the red mic port to enable push-to-talk. For me, a 3.5mm AUX cable earbuds, or even a 3.5mm bluetooth splitter works. This enables me to hit push-to-talk whereas otherwise, I would be unable to. The second I hit push-to-talk I can hear everyone.

I also find it interesting that the second you connect to a server, you'll hear a split second of other people, before it decides to turn off incoming audio communications

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