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Microsoft Wireless Xbox 360 Headset No Sound


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As the subject states, i'm not getting any sound out of the ear piece. I've tried uninstalling mumble and reinstalling the setup .exe in compatibility mode then restarted the computer. I'm using Windows 8 as my operating system. I know for a fact the headset is working as I use it with Steam chat with no issues. The headset is a Microsoft Wireless Xbox 360 headset. The only noise i hear coming from Mumble are the text-to speech notifications which come through my speakers. I'm getting extremely annoyed with this situation and it's driving me insane trying to get it fixed. I'd say that I've tried almost about everything with no luck. Does anyone have any solutions or have this same problem?

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I too have this precise issue.

Windows 8 Pro, Wired AND Wireless Xbox 360 controller. Works perfectly with Skype and Ventrilo and Teamspeak. Absolutely refuses to output sound in Mumble from a 360 headset in either of those controllers. Works fine with alternate headset and everything.

What's odd is, when I set Mumble to output sound to the 360 headset, in the main window the little mouth icons for the other chatters stop turning red. I thought the issue was on their end until I switched to another device.

This issue is definitely on Mumble's side or at least unique to some property of Mumble.

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