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Chat Integration for Web site?


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I have a few people who don't like to voice chat and the thought occurred to me that maybe having a Web based chat box plug-in would be a great way to get more people involved in Mumble. Still need a log in, still uses server space but would let people who just want to chat not have to go though the process of running mumble to use it.

Does this already exist or would this be something that would be possible? I don't really want to run an iRC chat box and have to use mumble myself to stay connected to my friends. Some are also on mobile devices and the mumble app is annoying. If the cell gets tilted or moved all I hear is that stupid voice telling me I joined the room chat, then back to joining the room and no one can turn it off.

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So you want to provide a webchat that sends to and receives text messages from the Mumble server?

I am not aware of something like that being available.

However, through Ice since 1.2.4 you can use scripts/programming to hook into messages being sent on Mumble. That in combination with the ability to send messages would allow you to implement a server side component that would enable (web)chat.

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