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Question: Does it cost me to use Mumble on my iPhone?


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Apologies in advance; I am both a Mumble and iPhone newbie, who has come across a concern when looking to connect to an American Mumble server, whilst in the UK. As the title says, I am wondering if my mob-- err, cell phone provider will charge me for using the iPhone app, or as it's an app making use of 3G, will I be safe from charges?

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated as I use the app to speak with friends who play a 'known' MMORPG together.

Many thanks in advance!

[Edit] Please note that I've spoken with my mobile phone provider and they were absolutely useless, going as far as to completely ignore what a VoIP client was, never mind that it was the widely-used gaming client, Mumble. And no, I failed in my use of Google to find the answer.

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The answer is simple -- (At least in my understanding).

If you are using your iPhone via a WiFi connection -- then no, it doesn't cost you anything.

However, if you are connecting to the Internet via your provider's LTE (or whatever) connection, then your providers "rates will apply."

In that sense, it is just like using SIRI, or any other Internet app.

So, that part is easy... now I just have to figure out how to get my certificate from my iMac to my iPhone... so that I'm recognized as the same user. :(

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