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Mumble connection blocked on computer?


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I seem to have a very weird and unique error.

I tried installing mumble on my new Razer Blade (Windows 8) and it seems that somehow the mumble program/application is blocked from connecting to the internet.

This is the 2nd time it has happened. Previous time it happened was also on a brand new laptop (Also Windows 8) roughly 1 year back. However, recently I re-formatted and re-installed windows, mumble was connecting fine on that laptop.

On entering mumble I get this: Mumble failed to retrieve version information from the central server.

On trying to connect to the server my friends use, I get: Server connection failed: Unknown error.

My ISP is fine as I can ping the server and connect through my phone using WiFi. Server is fine as well as my friends can all connect.

Have tried everything I can think of: TCP mode, QoS, reinstall, restarting computer, Run as Admin, Compatibility mode, turning off Firewall, turning off Antivirus. Nothing works.

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