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Multi-Channel Audio-Device Troubles


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i've tried Mumble 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 and i have a problem with my multi-channel audio-device (RME Fireface 400):

- Mumble is streaming out to all(!) Channels of that Audio-Device :shock:

So, instead of hearing the Voice of someone on ONE (or TWO = stereo) Channels, it's blasting out on all 10 Channels. Thats a) VERY loud and b) unusable if you like to record the microphone (is on one track) and the Mumble-Voices (should be on another track) with a recording software (like Reaper or GarageBand etc. to different tracks.

Switching on positioned audio doesn't help (less Channels used but still way to many)

Is there a solution available or is mumble simple not made for multi-channel devices?


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