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How to install Auth-Scripts in mumble-server


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On my server running Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" 64 Bit I installed mumble-server.

everything is working fine even the webinterface to configure the server.

Now, i would like to use the phpBB3 Authenticator on it. But the hell there's no readme file or anything else telling a newcomer to mumble how to install this script on the server - not even they write on internet. I really got almost crazy, this simply can't be, that something very easy is simply mentioned nowhere!!!

So, who can tell me, how do i install this damn piece of script?

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Did you check the folder?

There is a phpBB3auth.ini file. Open it.

Place the scripts wherever you want. It only has to be able to connect to the end-points you configure (mysql and ice).

The authentication with the phpbb authenticator found at https://gitorious.org/mumble-scripts/mumble-scripts/source/Authenticators/phpBB3

registers itself as an authenticator via Ice, and directly connects to the phpbb database to verify login information.

You can pretty much try to use anything you find Ice bindings for.

AFAIK PHP is problematic with it's focus on non-daemonized execution. Not sure if that works for authenticators.

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