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[SOLVED] Sound events not being broadcasted.


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Hi All and thank you for any help you are able to provide. I currently running Murmur 1.2.4 on Windows Server 2012 and all of my clients are not getting disconnect sounds. I have searched the ACLs and server settings to no avail. Is the event for a user disconnect broadcasted from the server side or the client side? I have tried re-installing the mumur server itself on and my client (which runs on another computer), however I used the same server config file as the previous server to retain some of the settings. I haven't seen anything in the server properties that relates to sound and or user events being disabled or muted. Please let me know if you think of anything I am overlooking or if you have had this problem before.

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Sounds, Messages and Notifications in Mumble (client side) are managed under "Configure" -> "Settings" -> enable checkbox "Advanced" -> "Messages".


Thank you for the reply, however I feel that you are either misunderstanding my question or are simply calling me an idiot with your reply. I am running a mumur server and understand how to turn TTS and Sound events on the client side. However I would like to know more about the dynamics of where the call for an audio event it created, is it server side or client side? Because with ten users connected with different TTS/Alert settings someone should be getting a notification of a user disconnect and no one is, so it sounds like a server side issue.

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The initial event is caused by a user, e.g. user A disconnects.

That information is sent to the server.

The server then tells all connected clients. In this step, the server does not tamper further with it; it does not check for permissions or other settings.

When a user disconnects all clients should get the information that that user has disconnected.

Whether and how a client presents this information to the user is a client setting (which natenom pointed out).

I am not sure why you and nobody else would not see it.

The control channel (network) is through TCP. But if that would be blocked other problems would occur as well.

Do you have "Console" activated for (all the) messages? Console is the most basic feedback and - if you have it displayed - has the fewest possible other issues that could occur when reporting to the user.

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