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Moving users based on idle time issue


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So, bought a 30-slot from TypeFrag for a year, and I discovered an annoying issue with the functionality of moving people to a specified channel after a certain period of time. If a user does not activate their mic for the specified period of time (push-to-talk or otherwise), they will get automatically moved if the server is set up to do this, regardless of the fact they are actually active on their PC. When I noticed this issue, I immediately submitted a ticket to TypeFrag, and they said there is nothing they can do because it is the way the functionality has been designed in Mumble itself.

This brings me to the question: Is this functionality intended? I can really see no reason why microphone activation is required for the server to consider someone active. I mean, this has to be a bug. Mumble has become very popular in organized MMORPG settings, and there are times where there may be people in a raid that never key up with their mic but are still there to listen that will inadvertently get moved to my specified inactive channel despite the fact they are not inactive.

I know turning off the feature on the server is a "fix," but that doesn't solve the root problem. I'd love to be able to use it for people that actually idle on the server while not at their PC, but the functionality needs changed for this to be possible. If the current functionality is intended, an explanation as to why would be fantastic.

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The Mumble Client and Server do not provide an AFK-move logic by themselves.

However, the server allows scripting via Ice.

They probably use Ice to check who did not talk x time, and then move them to a different channel.

At the moment, the client can mute or deafen itself on inactivity.

For a feature that works like you elaborated the Client would have to

* implement the afk detection *and* moving - which limits the move to a channel the user has access to - and the user would have to set up the target

* implement the afk detection on the client and implement a notification message to the server, which could then handle appropriately

See feature request


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