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Is it possible to get some volume control?


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I play A number of mmo games which use mumble as there voice chat which is frustrating as mumble has no options to adjust people volume.

I understand that mumble is meant to normalize everyone which is all well and good but I suffer form hearing loss specifically the range of where normal speech is.

This makes it necessary for me to be able to adjust people volume so I can actual hear them.

Is there a way that a plug in can be available that will allow me adjust people so I can hear them or will I continue to a) pretend I heard what they said or b) keep asking 3 to 4 times to repeat themselves.

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There is no user-specific volume control as you said.

However, even with a hearing loss, shouldn’t that be an equal issue for every user? Is a volume control for all of Mumble not enough then,

that you increase Mumbles volume compared to other applications?

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I agree with the idea that a user-specific volume control should be implemented.

If you are on a public server with much traffic, it is impossible to determine just how much gain each user will have on their microphone. As a result, you can have some users which differ greatly in volume, and rather than take the time to ask them to increase or decrease their volume (which may or may not even occur, depending on their level of cooperation), it is MUCH simpler and FAR faster to adjust your receiving volume of them instantly.

Even in private situations on smaller servers, other computers will have different settings, as we all know, and their volume may simply be set differently. As a result, they hear someone speaking a different way than you will, and may or may not have the same complaint as you about their volume. Again, in that situation, to avoid any confrontation and further delay (you all know you are putting off gaming to mess with the chat program!), it would be quickest and easiest to adjust that users volume on your system only.

This feature is common just about anywhere chat clients are used, and it's lack on Mumble -has- caused others to abandon it in favor of other programs. I have friends who rented a TS server over Mumble for this exact reason, because some members simply did not have the ability to adjust their system settings. I would much rather see them support this program due to it's superiority in several other areas, but I cannot force them to adapt or delve into sensitive system properties to adjust one person's volume.

Please, consider incorporating this feature in a future release of Mumble. It would only benefit everyone, I assure you!


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