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Mumble randomly adjusts sound levels


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Recently run into this issue with my Logitech G35 headset. Mumble will randomly change sounds coming from other programs (games, pandora, etc.). It usually gets louder and has a 'hollower' sound. This lasts for a few seconds, then it goes back to normal. Seems to happen on loading screens in War Thunder most of the time. I've got the mumble attenuation settings disabled, as well as the exclusive control settings in windows disabled. Drivers for the headset are current as well. This issue has just popped up in the past week. Never had a problem before.

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I was wondering if anybody came up with a solution to this problem.

This is a perfect description of my problem except my problem does not stop.

As soon as Mumble opens, my sound volume increases by a factor of at least two. It doesn't actually adjust my main volume slider, but it greatly amplifies the sound. With my volume at 50%, mumble will make music playing in Windows Media Player louder than 100% volume with Mumble closed. The same is true for volume in games. It also takes on a hollow quality (sounds like it's getting filtered through a coke can) as the previous poster said.

As soon as Mumble closes, the problem goes away. I've tried compatibly mode, and I've tried fiddling with some of the advanced settings, but honestly I don't know what I'm doing. Nothing seems to affect the problem in the slightest.

Oh, also, even with no music or sounds playing, without even being in a server on Mumble, there is a rare, periodic crackling.

All drivers are up to date, and my Mumble version is current (I'm a new user)

Any help would be very appreciated.

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This is a perfect description of my problem except my problem does not stop.


This is pretty close to what is happening to me too. Just got myself and my fiance each a G930 and now we can't use Mumble without completely messing up audio for everything else.

Audio from all other applications is getting attenuated whenever Mumble produces any audio (including text-to-speech messages). Attenuation is turned off within Mumble and within Windows' own audio settings. To make it worse, every time audio attenuates, it pops and crackles constantly.

Everything else sounds hollow sounding when Mumble is open. Almost like I'm listening to it through a metal pipe. I've tested it using every other VoIP I can get for free and I haven't had these problems with anything else. We're just using talk.gg now out of convenience while I try to figure something else out.

This really sucks too, since I've been using Mumble for almost three years. It really is better than anything else out there, but it's unbearable to have all of my other audio distorted so heavily. My only guess is that it's some interaction between Mumble and Logitech's drivers, but why it would be happening with just Mumble is beyond me.

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