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DX11 Overlay Hangs EVE Online


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  • 5 months later...

It's been a while since I've heard anything regarding this issue, and it's still happening for me, so I thought I'd touch base and see if you guys have made any progress. (I'm the same guy as the OP, but with all the forum transitions I wasn't able to get my original account back, yes I tried everything, and the stickied thread...no dice...not a big deal at this point though).

EVE Online still hangs shortly after getting into the game when using DX11 and the mumble overlay is turned on. The game does not hang when the overlay is disabled. I'd be more than happy to generate another couple of debug logs if they are still helpful.

Also I tried a little experiment of running Mumble as Administrator to see if that would help at all...the overlay didn't show up at all despite it being enabled.


Win 8.1 x64

GeForce GTX 670



Win 8.1 x64

GeForce GT 650


Both systems are using the (latest) 344.75 nvidia drivers, and Mumble 1.3.0-465-g78d7178 snapshot.

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