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Jabra GN9350 No audio


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Mumble 1.2.4

Windows 8.1

Using a Jabra GN9350 headset and I get no sound in Mumble. People can hear me, but I am unable to hear anything. In the Audio Tuning Wizard, I have selected the proper device (Speakers (GN 9350)) and click next. There is no voice in the Device tuning window, and continuing through the wizard gives me no audio.

I have used this exact headset with Mumble previously under Windows 7 as recently as a few weeks ago. Headset works properly in CounterPath Bria, Ventrilo and Teamspeak 3. Settings in Windows for both playback and recording devices look normal and windows test's all produce sound.

The device appears to use the Generic USB Audio driver built into windows, there are no specific drivers available from Jabra for this device.

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