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Hi all,


We use Mumble for a game which allows somebody to shout for in-game help if needed.
Now we have one or two users that are unable to speak due to medical conditions.  The people who offer the help don't always watch text chat, so I'm trying to think of a way for the people who can't speak to notify us when they need help.
Is there a way to perhaps assign a shortcut which then plays a sound or pre-recorded message?


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I think out of the box there is no way to trigger a sound on a different client.


However, making use of the new plugin framework (Mumble 1.4 or newer) you could realize something like that. You could let the local plugin send a PluginMessage to the plugin running on a different client which then uses the API to play a sound sample.

The only problem would be how to initiate this process as there currently is no API for registering shortcuts from plugins

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