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[SUGGESTION] Multiple server connections.


<t>Do you think that this feature should be added to Mumble?</t>  

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  1. 1. Do you think that this feature should be added to Mumble?

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I've been thinking about this suggestion for a while now (aired it for some people on my server and in real life and got positive response) and I would like to know what other people think.

My current problem is that Mumble divides my social interactions into servers which require me to disconnect from one server to go on another. This is an impractical solution if I wish to rapidly change between my server, a server for a game I love to play and other people's servers. This idea seeks to remedy this. Keep in mind that I wish this to be an additional feature - so that people who want to have Mumble exactly as it is now can simply either opt out or opt in (depending on what's going to be the default).

The idea is pretty simple, instead of choosing what server to connect to, you choose several instead by clicking on check-boxes in the connect dialogue (the program should remember which check-boxes were checked the last time).

In the tree-view where you see the channels, the root-node will instead be the list of servers you're connected to and the channels on each server will be inside their respective servers - just like they are in Mumble today.

A separate category on the bottom of the list will contain people who are connected to the servers you are connected to, but not currently in any channel - these people should be reachable through messages.

I think this would be a feature which would make Mumble even better than the competition.

Please let me know if I should make a mock-up of my idea.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong board, I really couldn't figure out where to put feature-requests.

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Ultimately we plan to support multiple server connections with one client. However this requires big changes in the way the Software was architected so it will take us a while to get to the point where we can actually implement this feature.

For now the only (unsupported) workaround I can offer you is to launch multiple mumble clients using the "-m" flag. It allows multiple Mumble clients to run at the same time (we usually prevent this as they might interact in unexpected ways). The flag can be added as a parameter to your mumble shortcut. You could also have multiple shortcuts and add a server address to connect to different servers that way if you want.

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I just run multiple instances, and that works out well for me. That way, I have different hot keys for each one thats running, and I'm not talking to every channel I'm in whenever I key in.

I don't see a reason to waste dev time on something that can already be achieved through minimal tweaking to excellent results for the small number of users who would need or use it. I voted no.

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I think this would be a nice feature and add an element the software is missing. However, for the amount of work stated and the relatively few people it would affect, i voted maybe. I think if the architecture changes to where this becomes easier to implement then go for it. but I think there might be better features to work on first.

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I've run two clients since way back and never had them break on me. Way back if you double clicked the shortcut twice real quick, you could launch two clients without issue :D. Then that trick got nerfed, so i had to start using the -m flag, which has worked fine since.

Lead Adimn | mumble.co.nz
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