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I run a pretty big 500 slot server and so once in a while we have trolls. We are able to catch and ban most, but some nights we just don't have the coverage and trolls go crazy at times.

Now I also run a 550 slot Ventrilo server and I can always simply check for IPs if I got some kind of information, ie a username that was used at that time.

Is there any functionality in Mumble for this? I can search the logs our host keeps, but that will only show usernames and, what I guess, PiD's

I would be quite useful to have this function, especially for the bigger servers.

Thanks for any reply made and sorry if this has been asked before, but the search function will not let me use "common" and words shorter then 3 characters. ( IP Lookup etc )

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when a user connects to your server you get the following information in your log:

<W>2014-01-29 07:57:30.209 111 => <555:(-1)> New connection: ip.ip.ip.ip:port
<W>2014-01-29 07:57:30.576 111 => <555:(-1)> Client version 1.2.4 (X11: 1.2.4)
<W>2014-01-29 07:57:30.581 111 => <555:Username(123)> Authenticated


  • 111 is the server_id of your virtual server, first server has 1
  • 123 is the permanent user id (from the database)
  • 555 is the session ID of a user, which changes for every connection/user


If you don't have this information ask your hoster to get access to the full logs.

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