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Hey all! I've been a Ventrilo user, but we decided to give Mumble a try, so I'm trying to figure things out. A few things I'm not finding and would love:

1. A way to keybind talking to a specific group of people. (We like to be able to have officer-only chatting when circumstances dictate.)

2. A way to mute incoming sound without also muting myself. We have two people in the same room sometimes and like to be able to only have audio on one. I can individually mute people, but that's a pain in the butt to switch back and forth and also leads to:

3. When a person is locally muted, their icon doesn't light up when talking. I'd love to still be able to see that.

If they're not possible, what's the proper way to request them? Thanks!

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1. Configure -> Settings -> Shortcuts -> Add whisper/shout and add your users to the list...

2. I don't really understand... Don't know any other functions than "server wide mute" and "local mute".

3. Not possible, but already sometimes requested. Couldn't find a feature request, you could create one :) (https://sourceforge.net/p/mumble/feature-requests/)

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For #2, there's currently "Mute yourself" and "Deafen yourself." The latter seems like what I want, until I click it and notice that it also triggers "Mute yourself." I want the deafen without the mute. Equivalent to Vent's "Mute Sound" (it also has "Mute Microphone/Binds" which is equivalent to the "Mute yourself" option, I assume).

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