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Deny Entry: Root Channel


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Yes it is. But the root channel is always a fallback... if the user doesn't have permission to "Enter" any other channel or "Traverse" all channels down the "defaultchannel" he will land in the rootchannel.

So you need at least to allow "all" users to "Traverse" the root channel and all channels down into your defaultcahnnel.

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Are you trying to make it so anon users cannot connect, or just so they can't traverse or hang out in root?

You could always just force users to mute in Root, then they would only ever be there when they logged in.

If you want to prevent anon users connecting, you could set so only registered users can connect in the .ini file of the server, I think. It would be accomplished by setting the "serverpassword=" option. Once connected, they could register themselves, and wouldn't be prompted for it again.

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