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Conflict with Steam Overlay?


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Running OSX Mavericks (10.9.1); using the Turbine LOTRO Mac Client via Steam.

Just "upgraded" Mumble 1.2.5 via the link in the Mumble application.

1- Probably not surprisingly, if one is running Steam -- Launch Mumble with the Overlay turned on... then when you launch the LOTRO client via Steam -- boom.

Thread 0 Crashed:: MainThrd Dispatch queue:

0 ??? 0xfefff000 0 + 4278185984

1 libmumbleoverlay.dylib 0x117ceaf1 -[NSOpenGLContext(MumbleOverlay) overlayFlushBuffer] + 225

Undoubtedly, two conflicting overlays. (Steam Overlay vs Mumble Overlay)

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