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Audio quirk on just one server only, and just for me


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I have access to a few Mumble servers including my own that I host on a VPS.

Earlier I ran into an issue that on just my server, I have a cylon/distorted sound quality for my outgoing voice and all other user's inbound audio. I have no idea where to go from here. I have perfect sound in other apps, and in Mumble on each of my friend's other servers. But not mine.

I have tried on other machines and looked at mtr data to see if its that. Nope. Two other machines here can get on, so its definitely something to do with this computer or the server, but not sure what.

Any help is much appreciated.

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It was for me personally, all the time on my server I host. On my friends servers (I am American, and all of these guys are non-Americans running local servers in the UK, Germany and S. Korea to be specific) I sounded absolutely perfect. So even with Atlantic/Pacific fibre lines, I still had great quality (and still do).

Now whatever it was, it self corrected. I had some dinner plans that ran longer than anticipated and when I got back I went to sleep. I had moved myself to an AFK channel and stayed there until a few moments ago when I recruited a buddy thats on to do a recording with me (so we can get the other side too).

It self corrected and we are chatting right now. His response is this whole thing is weird and he has never experienced this either.

But thanks to you Kissaki, and anyone else that spent a few neurons on pondering this. I have never in 4 years of running various Murmur instances hit this problem. I was dreading it being something odd like a Debian specific issue due to an oddball patch. I normally ran on SUSE or RHEL, so this is literally my first go at a Debian server. Nice sofar. Glad whatever it was its resolved.

Thanks again all! Have a great weekend (or whats left of it).

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