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"almost" random audio loss!


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I don't know if this problems been noted but i couldnt find it. Also, it's slightly wider scope than just mumble as I get it with teamspeak too. I'm just hoping someone here can help!

So basically im not sure when exactly it started but there was a time of brighter days when I could just have no connectivity issues at all. Since then I've had a new router, but even for a few months after that my internet was running flawlessly!

Now in the last 3 months or so, i've developed some problem where my audio will cut out, outgoing only. My light in mumble (or TS) still lights up, so it must still be sending. At first i thought it was my friend because her ping was shooting through the roof, its usually 200 or so (im from Uk, she's from Aus), but during these spikes it goes up to like, 2000, but she can't actually hear me at all. So i'm broadcasting and she just isn't getting it, it's not arriving late to her end or anything, its just not arriving at all, but the weird thing is, I can hear her fine during this.

Lately I started playing dayZ with a friend from here, we usually have 30-40 ping, but i STILL get those spikes. his ping will shoot up to about 500 and he can't hear anything I'm saying, but I can hear him fine, and my light is still lighting up.

It lasts for about 30 seconds, and it happens once every 20-25 minutes, so i wouldnt say its completely random.

Side notes: While playing dayZ, during SOME of these spikes, I get massive amount of server lag and "losing connection" message, but i get that sometimes even outside of the spikes so im not sure if thats just co-incidence, and also while playing dayZ, some of the spikes can be a little worse than others resulting in my friend actually getting kicked from mumble (thank god for mumbles auto-reconnect!).

During these spikes, my internet, in terms of browser functionality, bitSync, dropbox, etc, they all run perfectly fine!

additional info:

Things I've tried: forwarding ports, reinstalling mumble, staying in mumble outside of game (still happens), resetting router both software and hardware side, playing about with mumble settings, speedtests (same "expected" result, even during those spikes), forcing TCP, played about with compression settings for about 30 min

I'm using ethernet cable so my connection to my router is good. On i get 24ms ping, 33 mbps down and 1.8mbps up (both during and outside of spikes), and yes i shut off ALL of my programs (bitsync, tixati, dropbox, google drive, browsers, etc etc)

Hope this is enough info to help.... thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond!

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Well, under the "to client" thing just now, it said 9, but im not sure it's relevant as I SEEM to have fixed it. I dont know if it's going to start back up, may be a better test to see how it handles my friend from aussie cause we generally have a worse connection between us.

After searching for so long and finding no help, im going to test this with 2 friends to make sure it's fixed, and try reverting those settings to see if thats what did it, and i'll post my results for anyone else who is confused and has trouble finding the answer!

I turned on "force TCP" and turned off QoS, and not only did i not get any of the audio dropouts, but i didnt get the "losing connection" issue in dayZ once. Maybe it's co-incidence, but my net is ridiculously good in game/voice chat now :S. Could it be that? or do you think i just got lucky today?

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