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Mumble won't allow me to change my settings


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Hi everyone, 


Tried mumble a couple weeks ago and it simply won't work. I used teamspeak for a couple years prior just fine.


When I downloaded it, I went to configure my mic to use VoiceMeeter (a 3rd party software for voice), afterward I couldnt hear anyone. 


Now, when I boot up mumble and try to change my settings, I just hear 'ping' every time I try to click anywhere and the program just freezes.

I thought it was opening another window behind mumble but Task Manager shows only 1 window/instance of Mumble. 

I uninstalled/reinstalled 3-4 times, same issue. I tried making sure literally all my other programs were off when I started mumble, same issue. Literally everything else on mumble works except when I try to configure my settings then it just freezes.


One day I tried to shut off my PC while I had mumble running/frozen and I saw this error (pic shown). Not sure what that means but I would love some help.





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The error message you see indicates that Mumble is crashing due to a memory corruption (invalid access of  a memory location).


Given that the settings seemed to have worked the first time you have opened them, I think that your current set of settings might be causing a state in which this crash happens. Thus, I would try resetting all settings to "factory defaults" by deleting the registry sub-tree.

For that press Ctrl+R and in the pop-up enter regedit and hit enter. This should open the registry editor. In there, delete the sub-tree HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mumble\Mumble

This should clear all previously configured settings and should allow you to start from a clean slate.

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