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People auto-reconnecting after kick/ban


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Since update 1.2.5, whenever I kick/ban someone from my server, they will automatically reconnect after 10 seconds (the same time as the auto-reconnect feature). Same thing happens on the latest snapshot. It's like the client thinks he disconnected. Obviously everything was perfect with mumble 1.2.4. I reverted back my client to 1.2.4 and I don't auto-reconnect anymore. Here are some info that might help:

- Server is hosted by CommandChannel

- Server version 1.2.4

- Clients are all Windows machines running either Win7 or Win8.1

- Clients are all running mumble 1.2.5 or the latest 1.3.0 snapshot

Is this happening to someone else? If it's only me, I'll try contacting CC support team.

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I just checked my server, Murmur 1.2.4, with Mumble 1.2.5. I kick, obviously the client reconnects. But, I ban- the client attempts to connect, but cannot.

I hate to ask, but are you just kicking them? You have to actually ban them, as they are not the same thing. I assume you're doing it right, because it works with one client version and not the other, but I just have to ask.

Also, I tried Win 7 and 8.1, with expected results of both actions. So, not a bug in Murmur or Mumble, probably.

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In older versions of Mumble the client did not reconnect after a kick (without ban). I have the same problem on a private server. It first happened in the 1.2.4 development snapshots.

So this is probably a bug.

@warpedmonkeys: Does your client log also say "[16:58] Server connection failed: The TLS/SSL connection has been closed." after "You were kicked from the server: ." ?

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Yes sorry, bad explanation from me. Obviously when I ban them, they cannot reconnect, but as soon as I remove them from the ban list they will reconnect.

@natenom: Here's what happens:

[4:13:16 PM] You were kicked from the server by SuperUser: Test.

[4:13:16 PM] Server connection failed: The TLS/SSL connection has been closed.

[4:13:26 PM] Reconnecting.

The problem is that I have a certain number of slots for my server which is perfectly fine normally, but people have the weird idea that the AFK Channel is a place where you can stay when you go on vacation. I used to kick them to solve this issue. Banning isn't really an option for me, usually people don't stay friends very long when they get banned.

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