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Cannot login using SuperUser


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I have just installed a Murmur server. I have everything up and running just fine, and I was attempting to add myself as an admin on the server. I followed the guide give in the wiki. I connected to my server successfully, logged in under my username, and then registered myself. I then disconnected, edited the login info to have Username set to SuperUser, and I used my superuser password that I configured using the command


sudo -i murmurd -ini /etc/mumble-server.ini -supw <password>


I entered this password in the Server -> Connect screen under the username SuperUser. However, when I click connect to my server, I get the following error:


Wrong certificate or password for registered user. If you are certain this user is protected by a pasword please retry. Otherwise abort and check your certificate and username.


I know for certain that I have entered the password correctly. I made sure the username SuperUser was the correct case. What am I doing wrong here? I have been searching the internet and forums for a while now and can't find anything to address this issue. I have tried restarting my server many times. I have tried changing the SuperUser password both with the server running and the server shutdown, and restarted it each time. I can still connect just fine with my normal username, but I cannot access my server via SuperUser.

Any help is much appreciated. I'm going insane trying to fix this, as it doesn't make any sense.

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Not sure if this is relevant, but I also cannot get the Root channel name to change, nor can I get the Welcome message to change. Although both the /etc/murmur.ini and the ~/murmur/mumble-server.ini files are configured to have these updated to the same thing, the change does not take effect no matter how many times I restart my server.

I don't need this problem fixed, per say, but rather I mention it as it may help in diagnosing the problem mentioned in my original post.

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I ended up stopping my server, uninstalling and purging the entire mumble-server package, moved my murmur.ini file to murmur.ini.old, rebooted, and tried again. It's working now. I have no idea why it was having problems in the first place. I should mention that this time, I didn't use the command


murmur-user-wrapper -i


but instead only edited the /etc/mumble-server.ini after running the command


sudo dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server


Hope this helps someone else with this problem. I should also mention that I logged in as SuperUser using a different computer with a new certificate, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. However, my Root channel name has changed as it should have, along with the Welcome message.

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