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"disconnected from server" after internet connection hiccup


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I was playing Planetside 2 while connected to mumble server when my internet connection stopped for some reason, and it came back after 1 minute and I could connect to planetside 2 servers, but can't connect back to any server on mumble, please help?

EDIT: I tried to connect to the internet through my cell phone tethering and I could connect to mumble fine, but I can't stay like this because my cell phone internet connection is very slow, and still can't connect to mumble through my router.

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yes, here is what I've tried:

restart the modem

restart the router

restart computer

uninstall and reinstall

also I must mention that I live in UAE, where mumble is apparently blocked, but I used to make mumble work by using a proxy to connect, this methods worked for me for more than 7 months, I tried to use a different proxy, but I still get the same message as in the title, and I get "Connection timed out" from time to time.

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It must be a proxy issue then. I know it was working for for a while, but if it works through your phone, and not through your regular internet.

How are you setting up the proxy? Are you using putty locally to tunnel the traffic to the proxy, or are you using the proxy settings inside Mumble? What kind of proxy do you have?

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