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Server connection failed: Remote host closed...


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I cannot connect to any mumble server. For a while I could connect but it would take a while from when I hit the connect button to when the connection would go through. Now it simply times out everything. Win7 x64

*Disabled all Anti-Malware/Firewall programs.

*Disabled QoS

*Triple checked that no Bans are in place.

*Running as administrator

*Uninstalled, reinstalled, tried different names/certificates. Ran Wireshark and watched what appeared to be my computer connecting to the mumble server and then being terminated by the server.

Trace routing shows that the signal does eventually reach the mumble server but it takes a very long time (over 1:45).

Others on my local network can connect just fine. They can even import my certificate and use it to connect just fine.

Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix? I'm lost now.

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Have you tried tracing anywhere else? Obviously, it's some local issue. I would make sure your NIC driver is up to date, or wireless, if that's what you're using. If you're wired and the other clients are wireless (or vice versa) make sure that someone tries to connect using the same method you access the LAN on, just to totally eliminate the router and whatever local devices you leverage.

I've seen strange things like this before, sometimes updating drivers helps, sometimes disabling IPv6, or if you have multiple NICs, putting them in the correct order will help. Super weird issues.

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It's a wired connection to the router, and I can connect that way on other computers, just not on mine... Running traces to the mumble server would connect after a long period of time (3+ minutes). The mumble client times out at 1:45, though, so I'm not sure what is going on still.

I tried disabling iPv6 to no avail...

Ventrilo -does- work, but I need Mumble to work :(

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