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Music mode/karaoke?


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For online karaoke singing, one wants to play music on the computer, sing into the microphone, and have the music and the singing mixed together and sent as their contribution to voice chat.

This feature exists in Raidcall as "music mode", so karaoke circles like Raidcall. But it is closed source, Windows-only and wants admin access, ugh.

Is it possible to do something like that with Mumble?

To clarify:

- User starts a media player or browser, and plays music there

- Same user sings into microphone

- Other users hear both the music and the singing together

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Technically possible, sure.

It is not something we, as in the core dev team, is pursuing at the moment though (limited time and more important stuff).

Feel free to add a feature suggestion to our feature request tracker though, or tackle the feature yourself.

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