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Few problems with Mumble and adding LWin key for PTT


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Hi, I have been using Mumble for a little while now and it's been great.

Except for a few little things, First, out of no where my friends tell me my voice sounds like a demon screaming for a second when I talk. Doesn't do this in any other voice program like mumble. Another thing is the overlay, Doesn't work, I enable it, and when i'm in game, everytime I click It brings up the overlay. MY friend had the same exact problem. Lastly, Why can you not bind ANY key you want for PTT? I want to bind it to my LWin key, I can disable it. I don't understand why they wouldn't allow the user to choose what they want. Makes me have to use a separate program like AutoHotKey just to use the key i want.

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