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As far as I know the port currently lacks audio mixing code needed to output multiple streams simultaneously (as this is kind of tricky if you want to do it right).

If you want to give feedback I guess the best place would be IRC (#mumble [or #mumble.de if you happen to speak german] on freenode) addressed to pcgod as I'm not sure he is reading this forum. You could also post it here and I'll make him aware of the thread.

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ah ok well i will give some feedback here then

tested it yesterday and have to say works well on android 2.1 could speak and could hear other people

what came to my attention was.

i found other people rather quiet so an output boost would be great.

the other found my voice rather noisy so input volume reduce would be also a good thing ( i think this was due to my microphone picking up to much background noise )

and it would be great if you could talk even with the screen off. ( i hit the talk button repeatedly with my ear :) )

other than that i think it works very good and have to say good job :)

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