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First of all, here's a screenshot of the structure of my Murmur server so far...


Here, all channels except "Commanders Corner" are set to default @all. However in Commanders Corner, I want users in that channel to be able to move other users, but only if those users to be moved are in the "Ready Room", "Team 1", or "Team 2" channels.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Set in Ready Room a Group ~sub,0,1 and press enter. Then click on allow move for that group.

Optionaly you can do sub,0,1 allow move in Ready Room, and Set in Teams sub,-1,1,1 allow move.

Could you explain how this works? I haven't tried it yet, but what exactly does the ~ do in an example? The wiki's answer doesn't help me that much...

Just to be clear, I want only the Commanders Corner to be able to move, while Ready Room, Team 1, Team 2, and The Pug Bar cannot move.

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The ~ has something to do with inherit. That rules that comes into, if there is a sub channel.

It sets the rule from valid point where the sub channel is.

in sub the first number sets a marker for validity range. the other two numbers sets a validity range from begin to end, as i understand it.

All this has to do with the Path length like /channel1/subchannel1/ and so on.

I think you have to do the Team channels in the Commander channel as subchannel. Then you can work with the sub group rule.

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