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64 bit overlay


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Not sure if this is platform specific, but I use OS X. Prior to 1.2.8, I had to do 2 things to get the overlay to work... make sure to launch Mumble BEFORE I launched WoW and run WoW in 32 bit mode. I recall reading somewhere the "64 bit" overlay was coming in the 1.3 release.

Using 1.2.8, I saw last night that apparently I CAN use the 64 bit version of WoW and the overlay works. I thought at first I could launch WoW first, but on some quick testing, see that I still have to make sure to have Mumble running THEN launch WoW. A side note is that it seems I do NOT have to have Mumble logged into a server... as long as it is running, it seems to work fine with 64 bit WoW.

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