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running overlay in Linux


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While running mumble-overlay in Linux My avatar displays to others while not displaying in my own Enemy Territory. I am using Fedora 12 64bit. I can run "mumble-overlay glxgears" and see the avatars of people including myself currently in mumble and I can see when I and others speak.

What is preventing overlay from displaying in my Enemy Territory? Video card is ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series using the ATI driver.


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I have the same problem with mumble-overlay in Quake Live since last Tuesday.

You see, Quake Live consists of a browser plugin which dlopen()s the actual game code which is made into a library. There were problems with conflicts between local symbols and what Firefox has built in (notably libpng 1.4 on some systems which is not ABI-compatible with 1.2 that QL has linked in statically), so finally RTLD_DEEPBIND was used to remedy this. This I suspect was also what breaks mumble-overlay.

So now I have the overlay in glxgears, just as the OP. However, I can't make it work with Quake Live, as it will override the symbols from preloaded libmumble.so.1 with things read in later (quakelive.i386.so dlopen()s libGL.so.1 itself but because it's deeply bound, the real libGL.so.1 symbols are taken over what mumble-overlay swaps for them).

I think I'll try swapping libGL.so.1 with libmumble.so.1 and hacking that to then dlopen( ) the original libGL.so.1 from an absolute path, will that work? Luckily I don't use AIGLX so there's a chance I won't break my system, right?

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