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For the longest time I have only maintained two servers in my Mumble list; my guild's and my friend's. Today, even after using it this morning, I am suddenly no longer able to connect to my guild's server. I keep getting connection time-out errors.

I can still connect to my friend's Mumble just fine.

I've tried restarting my computer, stopping the Mumble Server and restarting it, uninstalling Mumble and reinstalling it, disabling / re-enabling the requirement of a certificate, and have asked other guild members to verify the capability of connecting. For whatever reason... I, specifically, am unable to connect to this server.

Any pointers would greatly be appreciated.

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While hovering over the server I noticed it said 100% Packet Loss. I also posted in another fansite (MMO-Champion) as I found a relevant thread.

From the information gathered, it's been best guessed that "peering locations between you and the server went down for one reason or another".

As noted in the provided thread; I was suddenly (and without explanation) able to reconnect to the server. Perhaps the "peering location" came back online.

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