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So.. why does mumble not work for me?


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I have been in a raid group for about 2 months now, and one member adamantly refuses to use anything but mumble, so we're stuck with it.

That wouldn't be such an issue if it didn't seem like Mumble hated me, no matter what platform im trying it on. When there are 1-2 people on, everything is fine, a few robot moments here and there but otherwise, not really an issue.. But when raid time comes around and there are 8 people on it and more than 3 are trying to talk at the same time, it sounds like some sort of X rated robot action is happening and assaulting my ears. :( it laggs out and i can only understand bits and pieces of what someone is saying. :(

It happens on my PC as well as on my Android phone, so im pretty sure its not my computer. No one else on my mumble server seems to have issues with it, and when we tried on Teamspeak (sans the TS hater) everything seemed fine. I have contacted Mumble chat with this, but all i got from that was that it is either on the servers side (which is in Germany) or my internet needs to be reset and to try it again, I have done that and i am still experiencing the same issue. On my phone i enabled my 3g connection and disabled my wifi, and the problem still persisted. my step son in the same house has not experienced any issue with it on his PC, so im pretty sure its not my internet. The other users on my server are all around the world, so im somewhat sure that it wouldnt be the server host itself :S. at the moment i am at a complete loss as to what to do.

I have fiddled with settings, run the audio wizard, done everything that is under the FAQ answer on the Mumble web page and it still does not help. It seems to clear just long enough for me to hear someone say my name and then it all goes to crap again.. Im so frustrated and i dont know what else to do :( can anyone else help? Thank you in advance for any help you would be able to give me!

also, i have tried putting it in "compatibility mode" with just about every single different one listed and its still no help. thanks again :(

I am currently running on windows 7 Ultimate and my phone is on Android.

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From your description, I would also first have blamed limited bandwidth. But since you’re saying for another person, on another PC in the same network it is not a problem, is strange.

What kind of sound card and sound card drivers do you use? A head-set with its own soundcard or something?

Maybe some firewall or other “security” software that could limit your bandwidth/throughput?

Could you check your packet loss? Both when you have no problems, and when you have them?

Should be Server -> Information, or right-click yourself -> information.

So you’re saying it’s not a problem for your son in the same network, but for your phone *and* PC? That’s strange at least. What could be different for your sun?

I have no idea if 3G should be sufficient in terms of bandwidth. Which Mumble software do you use on Android?

PS: I think reading your text would have been easier for me with more paragraphs (=structure).

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Sorry about the bad paragraph spacing, my PC hard drive is near death and i was trying to hurry and type it out before it died completely.

Im *kind of* sure that its not bandwidth, as our internet is Fibre optic with unlimited bandwidth, and it still has the same problems no matter how many devices are using the internet. with just my PC plugged into it and all wifi-reliant items in the house turned off, as well as a fresh 5 minute unplug for a fresh reboot, the issue was still the same.

I don't think that it is a firewall, because im pretty sure that we don't have one. But i will ask my husband to have a look on the router home page to see if we do. But it still makes me wonder why Team Speak works fine, but mumble has so many problems.

Im not sure about the packet loss, as the next time i will be able to monitor that will be on monday.

I just spoke to my step son and he said that while he doesn't use Mumble often, it is never had an issue for him.

I am not sure either of what version of the Mumble ap i have, just that I downloaded it a couple weeks ago and it does no better than my PC.

Also, my game does not lag at all, even with 5-6 devices using the internet. so im not sure as to why Mumble would lag, but 3 computers, 2 phones and a Tablet would not in any little way. :(

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If you and your step son are on the same local network, it would be helpful to connect both PCs to the same Mumble server and see if it really is a problem for one but not the other.

If it really is like that, it has to be some configuration/driver for/on your system. The packet loss would still be interesting, for both.

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