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Mumble Shortcuts/Keybinding disappearing


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Hi folks,

I run a large mumble server of 400+, I keep getting a lot of complains about mumble losing it the keybinds/shortcuts for whispers/shouts. I have spent hours searching on this forum and the old forum looking for a solution.It is hard for me to troubleshoot as it seems to be kinda radomn when it happens to a user on my server.

All of the clients connecting to the server would be windows based i.e. windows 7 and 8.

BTW You have made a great choice on forum software.it a far better experience to the source forge site.

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Hi. We don't track bugs in the forum as (among other reasons) they would get lost easily. Please create an issue on github https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/issues . Feel free to assign it to me and I'll look into it.

Be sure to mention what Mumble versions are involved. Most importantly: If you can figure out any way to reproduce this issue (somewhat) reliably (e.g. conditions it usually happens in) that would help a lot. Otherwise we'll have to do an untargeted review of the involved code which massively reduces the likelihood of finding the bug while costing us more time.

ps: Happy you like the new forums. The SF project page forums really aren't that great... if you meant our other one this one is derived from then it is actually the same software (phpbb3) we had on sourceforge but now we host it ourselves and have full control to customize/optimize it.

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