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[SOLVED] several murmur sharing db


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We need a way to test a new murmur versions with the database the production one is using without having to stop the production murmur before we put the new version in production.

Is it possible to have two mumble servers (murmur) with different versions (and of course on different ports) running at the same time sharing the sqlite database?

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No. This won't work. Especially when two different versions of murmur are involved as the new version might migrate the database to a new schema on startup. You are not able to upgrade without taking down production at least for a short duration.

I would recommend you make a database backup of production. Use a copy derived from that to run your test version of murmur. If it works upgrade the prod using that database and murmur. That should ensure a minimal window for things to go out of sync, prevent upgrade trouble and have only a very small amount of downtime. It's not perfect but as clients will auto-reconnect pretty much immediately imho it should be ok if done during off peak time.

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