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openSUSE-11.1-Repository's (lib)celt-rpms broken?


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I'd like to report some difficulties I faced when reinstalling Mumble once more yesterday (I had it installed without these issues some time ago already. Good program, keep up the good work! :)).

OS: openSUSE 11.1-64

Used repository (mentioning this just in case):

Mumble Ver.: mumble-unstable-1.2.1_git201001091441-3.5.x86_64

Symptoms: When trying to install Mumble via Yast, Yast complains it can't find libproto*5* on any repository (most repositories listed on are enabled). Indeed, the Mumble repository only offers libproto*6*. After poking Google a bit, I found an independent repository ( that offers the libproto*5* packages.

Unfortunately, Yast also complains that it can't find libcelt > 0.7.0, although the very version on the Mumble repository bears the version number 0.7.1.

I installed that (lib)celt version and downloaded the Mumble rpm manually and forced an installation via rpm -i --nodeps <...>, since Yast didn't allow me to ignore that dependency for whatever reason. Mumble can be started and works as desired - as long as my buddies are nice and tone their compression quality down to Speex-level. :D

rpm query output:

:~> rpm -V mumble-unstable
Unsatisfied dependencies for mumble-unstable-1.2.1_git201001091441-3.5.x86_64: libcelt0 > 0.7.0
:~>rpm -q celt
:~> rpm -ql celt
:~> rpm -q libcelt0-0
:~>rpm -ql libcelt0-0


Any advice?

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