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Mumble stops working if it's in the background


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I've run into an issue with Mumble that seems odd... I'm using it with Eve Online and have discovered that after 15 minutes or so, Mumble stops working with PTT if it's running in the background. In order to talk, I need to bring mumble into the foreground and if I put it back into the background it stops working.

I've tried setting it so that Mumble runs as Administrator, but that does not solve the problem. I am running ISBoxer for Eve, I've tried using Mumble when ISBoxer is running and when I've used the normal Eve launcher. Either way, within 15 minutes Mumble stops working properly if it's in the background.

Something odd I have noticed: If I have Firefox open and bring it to the foreground, Mumble will start working again for ~15 minutes in the background.

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Is this always?




Do you know other people who experience this issue?


Sort of... There are multiple reports of the incident, but for them running Mumble as administrator fixes it. For some reason I appear to be the special snowflake that doesn't work for.

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I have the same issue.

Don't know if it's because Mumble is in the background or not.

I have 2 monitors, Mumble stable version running on Windows 8.1 64bit.

On Monitor 1: Game running in fullscreen window mode.

On Monitor 2: Mumble, browser, video player

So I switch apps a lot while Mumble is running.

After a while, my PTT shortcut just stops working, even if I put Mumble back in foreground.

I got to restart Mumble to get PTT working again.

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