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Notification if speaking while muted


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Hello everybody!

I just installed Murmur on my hosted server to replace the TS server and everythings works just fine, I love the managing and security features of Mumble.

I just have some difficulties convincing my friends to migrate to Mumble because, well, people don't like change...

But I could manage to have some of them use it a few times and the only thing they feel is really missing is the feature that notifies a user that he is speaking while he is muted. In TS if you speak while you are muted, there is a little beep that reminds you that no one can hear you. I tried to look around but did not find this feature or a way to provide it. Did I miss it ? Or can I somehow find a workaround ? I would really appreciate your advice on that matter.

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french

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