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I'm having an issue with multiple users on the same IP Address. They can both login but the last one to login is the only one that can hear and talk.

In the log it shows the following:

2014-09-02 22:23:15.384 1 => <19:(-1)> New connection: XX.XX.XXX.88:51312

2014-09-02 22:23:15.683 1 => <19:(-1)> Client version 1.2.8 (Win: 1.2.8)

2014-09-02 22:23:15.966 1 => <19:Dude1(3)> Authenticated

2014-09-02 22:23:54.623 1 => <20:(-1)> New connection: XX.XX.XXX.88:53789

2014-09-02 22:23:54.880 1 => <20:(-1)> Client version 1.2.8 (Win: 1.2.8)

2014-09-02 22:23:55.097 1 => <20:Dude2(2)> Authenticated

It looks like everything is okay but only Dude2 can talk and hear. The minute Dude1 disconnects and reconnects then Dude2 cannot talk or hear but Dude1 can.

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Try having them connect to another server to rule out a server issue, but IMHO the most likely culprit is a really naive router on their home internet connection.

Does forcing TCP mode (it's not a long-term solution) help ?

If it turns out to be the router being *really* silly, I'm not sure what the fix would be.

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