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Server Connection Failed: Server timed out.


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Been getting this error the last couple of weeks whenever I try to join a channel. Oddly, I can still join a couple old channels I used to frequent, but I cannot add any new ones, I always get this error. Currently using Windows 7 and Mumble 1.2.8.

Tried all the following already:

Verified server info and port

Disabled windows firewall (Well, that was never on.)

Updated to most recent version

Uninstalled and reinstalled

Ran as administrator

Allowed port forwarding

Turned off Quality of Use.

Restored all setting to default.

Tried to connect using Mumble 1.3

Restarted computer

Restarted router

Now the odd thing is I can still get into the old channels I used, just not any channel I haven't used previously.

This is a bit of a pressing issue as my gaming needs now require me to use a new channel.

Thanks for any help!

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Do other users on the same server have that issue?

From what you said, it either does not make technical sense to me, or is a corrupt-server issue that should be for everyone.


I actually seem to be having it with almost any server, but everyone else can join fine.

Sorry for late response, I was out of town for a spell there.

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