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ACL mistake


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Ok, so I was trying to figure out the ACL half on my own, and half according to a tutorial. I made the mistake of getting ahead of my tutorial, and not thinking quite so literally about the meanings of the user groups. I went to my root channel, and changed permissions for @all to Deny access to Write ACL. Now, I also have Admin as Allow Write ACL, but now I cannot edit the ACL for any of my channels, even as the SuperUser I can only change the ACL for @Admin in the root channel, and not for anyone, in any other channel. All the options for @all's ACL are greyed out (I assume because @all (which includes @admin) are denied the ability to edit ACL)

I think I derped pretty hard doing that. Also, my server is remote, it's not running on my machine, so I don't think I have direct access to the ini files.

Is this borked and I have to start over?

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