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Problem with hearing people


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I have been looking all over these boards trying to find an answer for this problem and since I haven't found one I figure I'll post it here.

Just got a new PC this week and when I downloaded the most recent client I jumped onto my server and my friends could hear me but I couldn't hear them. Ran the audio wizard and I can't hear anything for the sound input, checked the volumes on the sound mixer, made sure my USB headset was the default input/output devices and still no luck. I am using an Afterglow USB headset and sound is coming in from every other part of my system in every way, I am even getting the audio queues from Mumble, just no actual person talking.

The only time I hear someone is when I change up the output device to my video card which is being run into a TV via HDMI and then I get the audio from Mumble but then I can't talk, which means I can't even rig up a temp fix while I figure it out.

Any help with this would be more than appreciated as I am just about done with this nonsense.

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If you're running Windows 8 or 8.1, try this since I had this EXACT SAME ISSUE with Windows 8 and my SK PLYR1 headset.

Right-click on the mumble executable and select compatibility mode, choose Windows XP SP3.

Close and restart Mumble.

This completely resolved my problem and I am receiving game audio and Mumble communication simultaneously, FINALLY!

I hope this helps!

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