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x64 static server Linux


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These are Debian Stable servers with no multi arch as far as I am aware. ( all know for sure is that no x86 binary will run)


-bash: /path/to/binary/murmur/./murmur.x86: cannot execute binary file

I was told this is because only x64 binaries will run on this Debian x64 setup


file murmur.x86

These gives me:


murmur.x86: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, stripped


Is there a way I can compile it statically myself with x64? On Ubuntu 14 or Debian Stable?

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There is a way, but I can’t really give you a simple command to do it.

We use ermine to build the static binaries http://www.magicermine.com/

And our build scripts provided in the mumble-releng repository have configuration for ermine builds on CentOS https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble-releng/tree/746ec1871c3fa1fc077a0dace1fd64ea9fc6fbce/buildenv/1.2.x/centos-ermine

At least for me personally, it would be easier to build/use x64 deb packages.

If you still want to tackle static binary building, mkrautz will probably be more helpful if you run into problems; you can find him on IRC.


I was told this is because only x64 binaries will run on this Debian x64 setup

x64 Debian by default does not provide 32-bit libraries like that C standard library. However, after installing this/these 32-bit standard library package(s) any 32-bit program should run just fine.

By mkrautzs information these standard libraries are bundled with our static binaries though, so that should not be necessary.

[10:37:36] not sure that you need a 32-bit libc... we bundle libc (but not ld.so). the ermine wrapper is completely static (so no ld.so is needed); and when stracing there are no references to ld.so at all. so presumably it's doing all the loading/linking itself. haven't experimented with it though :-)

So I am unsure if this is just a superfluous arbitrary check by the system, or if something actually missing. If you could find out what it is that would be awesome.

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In this case x86 is not in the kernel (custom kernal) and it is not compiled. The reasons are around a large non root userbase on the server who can run things locally on the servers.

I will have to use a x64 binary as I know this would work. So then it s a question of how I get a x64 static binary.

If there was a way to do this myself I would compile it myself, I just ran into some errors with ice.3.3 paths when trying to compile the static using your documentation on Debian Stable.

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