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Which is the best mixer for linux?


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Hi there,

Does anyone have a suggestion for the best mixer to use with Mumble?

I've been struggling with an intermittent audio problem in Mumble, where I can't hear other people speaking but they can hear me. It's very intermittent - sometimes I can go for an hour or so without it happening, other times it's only a matter of minutes.

I'm fairly certain the problem is with my sound cards relationship with my client (1.2.8) from debian "Jessie". One thing I've noticed is that using a different mixer can affect the length of time it remains working optimally. Restarting the mumble client always resolves the problem.

So I'll be looking at the SDL/OpenGL overlays available to be able to restart the mumble client more easily as one thing to try - because sometimes a server disconnect/reconnect works as well as a client stop/start.



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