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I am trying to make nice HTML messages but I have many trouble doing it.

Mumble automatically transform, add and removes css properties.

For exemple, it always add

, removes

and "text-align:center;" (I really don't succeed on centring something !)

I did not find any documentation stating what tags are accepted, and how Mumble handles formatting.

Did I miss it, does it exist ?

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Nice thanks for the link, I did not find it in the wiki.

I see that

should be supported, but I can't get it to work. I don't have my exact layout here but it is close to this :


 <td colspan="2">
  Hi, i'm longer
  than the "Hello" message


And hello isn't centred. Funny thing is, when I paste this in the source tab and click the tab message, "Hello" is centred. Then if I click source again, the

tag has disappeared. And whenever I send it, it is not centred.

Any clue ?

I'll post more details (with screen captures) tonight when I get home. I'll also try the

because I never did (and just discovered it on the doc you gave me)
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I'm talking about sending a message to a channel using mumble user interface. Of course as jidea8 states, it's the same for comments.

To answer Lindee :


root@-----:~# grep html /etc/mumble-server.ini 


So yes it is activated. I can successfully embed images to messages and the

I could not give the examples I promised but I'll try to do it tonight or during the week end so I make my case clearer

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I have taken some screenshots to better explain the issue I'm experiencing with centering.

First, here is the sample text used throughout this test :


Hello normal
<center>Hello centered</center>


First step, I enter this as the source text for a message to a channel


Next, I click on the preview tab to see how it will get rendered


The result is good. However it's kind of a lie. If I send the message, here is the reality


And you can see it's not centered at all.

As a side note, if I click on source again instead of sending, you can notice that mumble edited my html


And if I click again on preview, it's still centered...


So there seem to be an issue here. What is the way to get

working ?
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