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Unable to hear others after switching back from console


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Hi there,

I've been experiencing what appears to be a common issue: At various times, I can no longer hear others when they speak.

I've tried a couple of different things that we thought might help: turning off QoS and using TCP only. Nothing has worked so far.

We've been able to track the phenomenon down to one thing: Whenever I switch from X-windows back to a console, then back to X-windows, the switch back from console to X will IMMEDIATELY cause my headphones to cease working, however the microphone keeps operating. I cannot hear myself or anyone else, but they can hear me.

Restarting my mumble client makes everything work again.

Some technical details:

Mumble server: version 1.2.8* operating on a separate machine on my local subnet, using Debian linux and the mumble server package in jessie

Mumble client 1: linux, mumble client 1.2.8* as above, running in Windowmaker under wdm. Different machine on the same subnet. Problem as above. It doesn't appear to be a hardware problem as the mixer doesn't need resetting after an incident.

Mumble client 2: win7, mumble client 1.2.8 connected to my subnet by VPN: no problems

Mumble client 3: OS X 10.8, mumble client 1.2.8 connected to my subnet by VPN: no problems

We're going to run some more tests, to see if the problem is isolated to a particular piece of software or a general problem associated with X, but we're kinda limited in time as to when we can test - atm we're talking about once per week.

Any suggestions or advice appreciated. I can post more details if someone can tell me what they want/need to see.

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