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Mumble is unable to use the microphone with Pulseaudio


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Mumble does not record anything from my microphone. Nothing can be heard in the audio wizard feedback test and the graphic bar shows total silence.

The microphone works; I can hear what it records when I increase the "capture feedback" in alsamixer. Input sources are set at "mic" and +24db gain is enabled.

I'm using Pulseaudio on Gentoo Linux. Mumble version 1.2.2. It has been compiled with pulse support enabled, and with alsa, oss, portaudio, speech and zeroconf disabled. Sound blaster live 24-bit.

One detail that might matter: In the audio wizard, when pressing next in the screen where the voice says "this is an example of speex, an audio codec blah blah" to get to the microphone input screen, sometimes the voice from the previous dialog is treated as input from the microphone, and the last few milliseconds are repeated and echoed (which increasing volume) and shown in the bar. This is with the microphone even disconnected from the sound card so it can't be coming from it.

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